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Can’t stop, won’t stop (9.22): Updates from tonight’s town hall are slow coming due to the virtual media black out, but it seems like the name of tonight’s game was “Pass the Buck.” Hard to heal when no one’s willing to take responsibility for their wrongs. #staywoke #farfromover 

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I have no idea how people function without near-constant internal chaos.

Dave Eggers from A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius (via nobunnyluvsyou)

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Lava Mae - Mobile Showers for the Homeless


Last year the Gaiman Foundation helped fund the first of these buses. Now Lava Mae are out to fund a second bus. Can you help?

There are 7,350+ people without homes in San Francisco. Over half live on the street yet there are only seven places where they can drop in to take a shower.

It’s not just San Francisco that has this problem. Communities across this country are failing to provide access to hygiene for their citizens. We hear from someone just about every day in some city or town in the US who asks us to bring Lava Mae to their community. The need is huge.


if you insult other women to compliment me i will rip your throat out with my bear hands thats not a typo

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Have you ever had an imaginary friend? :D









i like this but i don’t know why.

That’s cute.